Safety Voltage Indicator and Proving Unit VIPD Kit 137

Safe electrical work requires the use of a voltage indicator that has been proved with a proving unit before and after use. VIPD the ideal safety kit.
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Martindale Voltage and Proving Kit - VIPD 137

In order to fully comply with BS EN61243-3:2010, the Martindale VIPD Kit 137 has been replaced with the VIPD Kit 138. See description below for more information.

**BS EN61243-3 prohibits the use of fuses in 2 pole voltage indicators. The replacement VIPD 138 is still GS38 compliant however it is installed with a high wattage resistor that will limit the current in the event of damage to the cable, rather than a fuse. This protection is superior to the protection offered by a fuse as the current that can flow under fault conditions is considerably less.

This Martindale VIPD Safety Kit includes both the Martindale VI13700/2 contact voltage indicator and the Martindale PD440 Proving Unit + TC57 Carry Case and it meets the Health and Safety GS38 safety recommendation.

The VI13700/2 safely checks for AC and DC voltages from 50V to 400V AC and DC as required by the Electricity Council. The long life, bright neon indicators give a clear and fast display of the voltage level range. This voltage indicator has been designed with electrical safety in mind, finger guards to prevent slipping onto live electrical circuits, double insulated test leads, the return lead incorporates an HSC fuse, together with retractable prods that the unit fully meets all the GS38, M15/4, HSE, IEC1010 and IEC61243 recommendations.

Martindale’s PD440 is a portable, battery powered proving unit for the testing of contact type voltage detectors up to 440V @ 500kΩ load or higher. This unit is suitable for indicators with 230V and 415/440V AC or DC detection ranges, such as the Martindale VI13700/2. The PD440 can also check Drummond and other filament lamps due to its output being sufficient to illuminate the bulb.

Because voltage indicators should always be tested with a proving unit or a known live source before and after use the Martindale PD440 Proving Device which is part of this kit helps meet that requirement.

It comes supplied with 2 years manufacturers warranty.

All voltage detectors should be tested before and after use with a proving unit to confirm the long term reliability of results given whilst testing live circuits.

What's In The Box?

  • Martindale VI13700/2 Voltage Tester
  • Martindale PD440 Proving Device
  • Martindale TC57 Carry Case
  • 6 x AA Batteries
  • FREE Kewtech Kewlok