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CO2 Air Quality Monitors

CO2 Air Quality Monitors

Our large range of air quality monitors helps keep track of air quality factors such as carbon dioxide content, temperature and humidity. Software allows the monitors to calculate other variables such as dew point and wet bulb.
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About CO2 Air Quality Monitors

In order to monitor air quality and thus safeguard employees' health, it is important to measure temperature, humidity, CO2 content, dew point at wet bulb. This is particularly pertinent in structures such as schools, greenhouses, and anywhere else where a lot of CO2 might be generated. We supply a range of indoor air quality monitors which will measure these variables and let the user know if action needs to be taken to improve air quality or lower carbon dioxide content.

We also provide formaldehyde monitors. Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring substance that can be dangerous to humans so preventing it building up in enclosed spaces is important to safeguarding workers' health.