Seaward PV150 Solarlink Test Kit

  • Carries out all electrical tests as required by MCS and IEC 62446
  • Records irradiance & temperature while electrical testing is being conducted
  • Store and download up to 200 complete test records into certification software
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Seaward PV150 Solarlink Test Kit (updated)
Seaward PV150 Solarlink Test Kit

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    Seaward PV150 MCS Solarlink Test Kit

    The Seaward Solar MCS Solarlink Test Kit meets all the commissioning test requirements of the MCS and IEC 62446. Combining the PV150 Installation Tester with the Solar Survey 200R, this solar test kit offers the complete solution to PV installation testing, assessing and commissioning.

    This Seaward Solar testing kit has all the required equipment to measure the electrical safety and performance of a solar PV system, along with irradiance, roof pitch & orientation and temperature.

    For a limited time only this test kit is also supplied with Seaward SolarCert Elements software free of charge. This advanced solar certification software enables professional inspection and test reports to be produced using data acquired from the PV150 and 200R.

    The Seaward Solar PV150 Installation Test Kit enables the electrical safety and performance of solar PV installations to be fully tested in accordance with MCS and IEC 62446 requirements. In addition the Seaward PV150 Solar Tester has an onboard memory capable of storing up to 200 test records which can be downloaded to a PC via USB and new Solarlink connectivity allowing wireless capture of irradiance & temperature data from the Seaward Solar Survey 200R.

    • Fulfills MCS and IEC 62446 testing requirements
    • Onboard memory capacity for up to 200 test records and USB download to a PC
    • Seaward Solarlink allows wireless connection and data acquisition from a Survey 200R
    • Connects directly to the PV array for safe testing
    • PV150 Electrical Tester and SolarSurvey 200R Meter and both supplied with fully traceable calibration certificates

    The Seaward Solar Survey 200R Irradiance Meter is a versatile and advanced solar power meter that also performs the functions of a digital compass, digital inclinometer, ambient thermometer and PV panel thermometer. Complete with a datalogging facility it is the ideal irradiance meter for professional solar site assessments.

    • Accurately measure solar irradiance as required by IEC 62446
    • Built in digital compass to measure roof orientation
    • Built in digital inclinometer to measure roof pitch
    • Thermometer capable of measuring both ambient air and PV module temperature
    • Data logging facility with USB interface for downloading results to a PC for further analysis
    • Ideal for use on both solar PV and solar thermal installations
    • Capable of providing a comprehensive solar site survey
    What's In The Box?

    Please note: Sunclix leads displayed in kit image no longer supplied.

    More Information

    For full specifications of the PV150 click here and for the Solar Survey 200R click here.