Now is the time to buy that thermal camera you've been eyeing. Look no further than the Fluke Ti series thermal imaging cameras, now available with a limited-time offer that you won't want to miss!

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All you have to do is decide which thermal imaging camera is right for you:

Ti300+ Thermal Camera

Key features

  • Focused images with LaserSharp™ Auto Focus
  • 2-meter drop test
  • Measure up to 650°C

The Fluke Ti300+ Thermal Camera has all the features required to effectively identify, analyse, and fix issues before they become a real problem. With a wide range of features that leave no stone unturned, the Ti300+ has everything an industry professional needs to maintain their equipment.

With an operating temperature of -10°C to 50°C, the camera can be used in most industrial environments, allowing for fast and efficient usage, minimising the possibility of potentially costly downtime. Drop tested up to 2 meters, you can be confident that this thermal camera will get the job done, no matter what environment you find yourself in.

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Ti401 PRO Thermal Camera

Key features

  • Increase flexibility to capture measurements
  • Unique 640x480 resolution
  • Patented IT-Fusion™ technology

The Fluke Ti401 PRO Thermal Camera provides everything an industrial professional would need to swiftly, safely and simply find, fix and follow up on potentially critical issues. Suitable for most industrial environments with a temperature measurement range between -20°C to 650˚C, the Ti401 can help solve problems before costly downtime is required. 

Discover anomalies and small details fast thanks to a thermal resolution of 640 x 480 (307,200 pixels), an IFOV of 0.93 mRad and an accuracy of ±2°C or 2%. The 34° x 24° Field of View (FOV) provides the user with unparalleled flexibility, capable of operating in both tight spaces or from a larger distance.

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Fluke Ti480 PRO Thermal Camera

Key features

  • Increased sensitivity
  • 9 colour palettes
  • Wireless connectivity and reporting

When it comes to identifying and resolving issues, even the smallest temperature variations can make a big difference. And that's exactly where the Fluke Ti480 PRO comes in - with its enhanced thermal sensitivity, this thermal camera is able to detect even the tiniest of differences.

Thanks to its enhanced measurement accuracy and wider dynamic temperature range, which can handle temperatures of up to 1500°C, the Fluke Ti480 PRO empowers technicians to collect precise information that can be used to make informed decisions.

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TiX501 Thermal Camera

Key features

  • Interchangeable Smart Lenses
  • Edit and analyse images directly on the camera
  • Large 5.7 inch LCD touchscreen technology

The Fluke TiX501 Thermal Camera with incorporated advanced thermal sensitivity, is the ideal instrument for building a proactive forecast system used for mitigating maintenance costs. Locate even minimal temperature differences with a temperature range of -20 °C to 650 °C and an accuracy of ±2 °C or 2%.

The adjustable Field of View (FOV) provides the user with unparalleled flexibility, as does the ergonomic rotatable lens. Collect the images you need whether they are overhead, hidden behind corners or even under equipment.

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TiX580 Thermal Camera

Key features

  • Unmatched shooting flexibility (180-degree articulating lens)
  • On-board advanced analytics
  • On-camera boosted resolution

The Fluke TiX580 Infrared Camera is equipped with a full 180-degree articulating lens, to make capturing those images which were once impossible to catch, possible. Including a 5.7-inch touchscreen, allowing users to navigate over, under, and around objects effortlessly.

With its flexibility and higher resolution, users can easily preview and capture images, even in the most difficult situations. It is particularly useful in industries such as predictive maintenance, research and development, oil and gas, and utility applications.

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Fluke 2X Telephoto Infrared Smart Lens

Fluke 2X Wide-angle Infrared Smart Lens

Fluke 279 FC True-rms Thermal Multimeter

Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Camera

How to redeem your free gift:

1. Buy a Fluke Ti300+, Ti401 PRO, Ti480 PRO, TiX501 or TiX580 thermal imaging camera between 1st September and 15th December 2023.

• Purchase must be made directly from an authorised UK/IE Fluke distributor like us.

• Proof of sale in the form of a receipt or invoice is required.
(Packing slips, purchase orders/order confirmations are not acceptable as proof of purchase)

2. Claim your free gift directly via Fluke's website: register here 

3. Receive and enjoy your new free Fluke gift!