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Metrel MI3000 Easi Plus Multifunction Tester

  • Metrel's and our best selling Multifunction Tester - New and improved design!
  • Fully 18th Edition compliant, suitable for both domestic and commercial testing
  • Supplied with 2 years warranty and manufacturers calibration certificate

rrp £785.00

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rrp £785.00

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  • Description

    Metrel MI3000 Easi Plus Multifunction Tester

    The Metrel MI3000 Multifunction Tester allows fixed electrical installations in both commercial and domestic environments to be fully tested in compliance with the Part P and 18th Edition regulations. It is the most cost effective MFT on the market and is a firm favourite with electrical installers and commissioning engineers.

    The MI3000 can perform a variety of electrical tests including continuity, insulation up to 1000V, fully automatic RCD testing (with ramp test), earth loop impedance testing, real-time AC voltage monitoring, PSC (prospective short circuit current) and phase rotation testing.

    The new and improved model also provides automatic pass and fail indication on loop (Zs) testing. Simply enter the circuit protective device and its rating and the unit will show either a tick or cross to indicate whether the measured Zs value is compliant or not. The value will also be displayed in Ohms so you can record this on your certificates.

    In addition, the newly designed Metrel MI3000 offers onscreen schematic help diagrams so that users can be confident that they have correctly connected the test leads to the conductors. These help diagrams are easily accessed for a range of tests from R1+R2 continuity testing to loop testing across line conductors in a three phase installation.

    Metrel MI3000 Key Features:

    • 17th edition compliant on both single and three phase installations
    • Real-time Voltage Monitoring
    • Automatic Pass/Fail indication on loop testing
    • Fully automatic RCD Testing with Non-Trip Feature
    • Inbuilt battery charger and rechargeable batteries supplied.
    • Supports 110V systems
    • Lightweight, compact and easy to use, now with schematic help diagrams
    • Includes 2 year manufacturer's warranty and Calibration Certificate

    Voltage protection is provided on all test ranges preventing damage if the tester is incorrectly connected across phases, while the 6-in-1 test mode makes short work of RCD testing. Reset the breaker and the Metrel MI3000 will continue to carry out the test with the ramp test indicating actual trip current and the RCD Triplock feature preventing any RCDs from tripping.

    The long term reliability of this multifunction tester is guaranteed by Metrel's 2 year warranty and the ability to update the onboard firmware to comply with any future changes in regulations.

    Click here to read an in depth review of the Metrel MI3000

  • Specification

    • Continuity Test R1 & R2
    • Insulation tests @ 100v, 250v, 500v, and 1000v
    • Insulation range up to1000MΩ
    • Complete RCD Auto Test - "All 6 tests in 1 visit"
    • RCD Ramp Test - indicates actual trip current
    • RCD Triplock - Guaranteed not to trip RCD's
    • Loop, ZE,ZS,110V,230V and 415V
    • PSC (Measure the potential fault current between phase/neutral and earth/neutral conductors), LE and LN
    • Multi Voltage System Support
    • Multi Voltage Monitor "online" single/3 phase
    • Phase rotation
    • Polarity Test
    • Frequency Test

    Metrel MI3000 Instruction Manual Metrel MI3000 Instruction Manual

  • Supplied Accessories

    • Test cable universal connection 3 x 1,5 m
    • Power supply adapter + 6 NiMH AA accus
    • Test tip (blue, green, black)
    • Alligator clip, 3 pcs (blue, green, black)
    • Soft carrying neck belt
    • Soft carrying bag
    • Instruction manual on CD
    • Calibration Certificate
    • 24 months manufacturers warranty
  • Product Questions

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    Q: Does this do auto rcd check to save the user running to and form the tester to change settings Posted On: 15/02/2014 By: James
    A: Hi James, Yes, the MI3000 will conduct an automatic RCD test. All of the test results will be displayed on the screen when you return to the meter after the test is complete.
    Q: Will this machine work as a 2 wire tester or if 3 wire can nuetral and earth be jumped to work as 2 wire. ? Posted On: 03/02/2014 By: Mike Box
    A: Hi Mike, You can use the Metrel MI3000 as a 2 wire tester by connecting together the neutral and earth test leads. Please be aware that a loop test is conducted at a high current when selecting a loop test with the two wire configuration. This means any RCD device protecting a circuit under test will be likely to trip.
    Q: Hi, does this measure RCD trip times and report the value? Posted On: 20/12/2013 By: Michael
    A: Good morning Michael, thank you for posting your question. The Metrel MI3000 can measure trip times and trip current and will display the values measured. Trip times can be measured at 0.5x, 1x, 2x and 5x the RCD protective current rating across multiple types of 10mA, 30mA, 100mA, 300mA, 500mA and 1000mA RCD's. You can also conduct an automatic RCD test so you don't have to repeat each test after resetting the RCD. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any further enquiries.
    Q: will this unit work on 55-0-55v 110v for live testing of RCDs and live loop tests? Posted On: 18/11/2013 By: dave
    A: Hi Dave, thank you for posting your question. Yes, you can test 110V systems with the Metrel MI3000. There are two different test settings; a single phase with center tap connected to earth (i.e. 2 x 55 V) and a three phase star connection, center tap connected to earth (i.e. 3 x 63 V). Please bear in mind that you need to select the reduced low voltage supply system in the instrument menu before testing it. The procedure for selecting the reduced low voltage supply system is highlighted within the user manual of the product. Once the reduced low voltage system is selected, the instrument can be used immediately. I hope that this helps, please feel free to call us on 01132 48 99 66 if you need any further assistance.
    Q: Hi , are the Leads GS38 compliant? Cheers Posted On: 08/11/2013 By: Nigel Hynes
    A: Hi, thanks for posting your question. The test leads supplied are GS38 compliant. The tips are shrouded and the probes feature a suitable finger guard. Please note that the fuses used to protect the test leads are fitted within the meter itself, rather than within the test leads. I hope that this helps
  • Reviews

    Review by Nathanael (Posted on 18/08/2016)
    Absolutely quality service got it within a day great price and the free gift just added to the deal highly recommended service!
    Review by Peter (Posted on 03/02/2014)
    As a sole trader I went for this MFT because of the cost. When it arrived I was a little sceptical because of the look of it, but it I've found it to be terrific - it does everything I need & more.
    Review by james (Posted on 31/01/2014)
    first rate meter for the money , i am just starting out as a sole trader so value is key , ordered over a weekend , arrived on the tuesday , simple and self explanatory to use , now why only four stars , the lead to update the firmware is for an rs 232 end and needs an adapter , also it comes with the 2008 and not the 2011 amendment and wont update on my computer but i can get round that , the 2011 update is still in the pipeline ????? ,on the whole , buy this and from these guys
    Review by Alan Rutherford (Posted on 20/01/2014)
    I looked around for a while looking for my new multifunction tester with a budget in mind. After comparing the testers from Metrel, Fluke, Megger, Kewtech and Seaward this one came in far and above the rest. After ordering the tester I have not been disappointed at all. It carries out all the tests anyone could need on both domestic and commercial installations. Normally I would expect to pay a lot more for a tester with these specifications.
    The Metrel MI3000 really is well and above its price and by far the obvious choice when looking at MFT's with a budget in mind.
    Review by happyhippydad (Posted on 26/09/2013)
    I have owned this tester for around 2 years.
    I have never had any problems with it and I find it very simple to use.
    It has RCD trip function which is essential these days for Zs testing.
    Great buy.
    Review by Domestic/Commercial (Posted on 23/09/2013)
    What a great value for money tester. I love the way you can set a limit on the tester and it gives you a tick or cross to indicate a pass or not. Good for apprentices and time served sparks alike, much recommended for £400 all in
    Review by Andrew Brown (Posted on 25/03/2013)
    I have had this test meter about a year now. I really like this tester. I have not found any faults or items I don`t like about it. Very good value for money.
    Review by Tony Morris (Posted on 14/08/2012)
    I'd like to send a personal thank you for saving my ass! I'll explain the amazing service / advice I got off you Chris. My tester broke on Wednesday and I had a big job coming up Thursday. Chris quickly calmed me down and said that we will be able to sort you a tester out. Been a qualified electrician he knew exactly what I was talking about and offered amazingly impartial advice. My tester arrived the next day at the time promised by Chris. I cannot recommend you guys enough, the service was perfect! I'll defiantly be back for some accessories soon :-)
    Review by Anonymous (Posted on 01/08/2012)
    I've had mine 12 months now, no probs, easy to use, reliable, durable. if you get a Phase voltage on PE warning when testing, it's probably just the fact you're a better earth path than what your testing. Use an insulated screwdriver or something to press the test button, or just a shirt sleeve or similar to press it. Sounds stupid, but i was perplexed for about an hour, and testing all sorts on the DB... googled it, and it came up on electrician's forum. It's a safety feature, and once you know, no worries!
    Review by DEAN Sparky (Posted on 24/07/2012)
    This easi plus tester is the best tester on the markit i have tryed the Megger and the Fluke this is better than both. The light is better on the MI3000 than the megger and no silly bar going across and the results are more reliable than the Fluke I tryed. Well impressed I have had the tester for about seven years now I paid about a grand+ for this tester then it has not let me down one draw back is having to use metrel leads to connect your 4mm plugs but thats all.
    Review by Andy Snook (Posted on 16/03/2012)
    Had the tester for 18 months, Not used any other testers to compare against and probably will not. This tester does everything I need. Its robust, rechargeable, only fault I found is the neck strap comes away, but a couple of stitches sorted that. If this tester eventually dies I will definitely return to Metrel
    Review by Nick Pearson (Posted on 16/12/2011)
    After scouting the market for a good tester at a reasonable cost I cam across this one. After reading a few reviews and comparing specifications, I decided to purchase it. The tester cam next day and has so far proved an excellent choice. Still amazed by how much this tester performs and the price of it. Highly recommend it>>>>>
    Review by Bill Dennis (Posted on 07/03/2011)
    I can't believe you guys sell all this kit so cheap! I looked around and nothing even comes close! It's quality kit at a ridiculous price, thanks very much.
    Review by matt (Posted on 20/12/2010)
    i was unsure about which tester to buy the megger or the metrel. we used both at college and as i was on a budget i chose the metrel. it is simple to use, it is sturdy and does everything you will ever need to do.
    Review by Tony (Posted on 25/06/2010)
    Very simple and easy to use, it seems really rugged and with a 3 year warranty you can't really go wrong. Thanks to Lasse for all the technical advice he gave me on the phone.
    Review by John Wilson (Posted on 13/10/2009)
    I'm a sparkie who was looking for a reasonably priced 17th edition tester to test my installations, I looked at Megger and Fluke testers then found the Metrel MI3000 on your website and bought it. I've used it now on about 20 sites and its great no problems what so ever. One feature thats useful is the Phase Rotation tester that I never thought I'd use until I got a phone call from a local big company where the sparkies had all got swine flu! I did the job and its now lead to loads of work at their other sites Yippee!! Highly recommended, no frills tester that gets the job done time and time again!! Jonny
    Review by Paul Harper-Smith (Posted on 03/07/2009)
    I was looking around the market for a decent multifunction tester and came across the MI3000 Easi Plus. After having received it I can only say that I do not regret my choice of tester.

    Excellent value for money and with 3 year warranty and cal cert included. I have learnt after receiving the Metrel that it is upgradeable in case of any changes to regualtions free of charge. It did not find this feature with any other testers. Would recommend to anyone

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