Metrel MI3125 Eurotest Combo Lite

  • Inbuilt Fuse Characteristics for Loop Impendace PASS/FAIL indication
  • Handheld or with carry strap - suitable for domestic or commercial applications
  • Supplied with 2 year warranty and full calibration certificate
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Metrel MI3125 Combo Lite

The Metrel MI3125 Combo Lite 18th Edition installation tester allows you to test and certify a fixed electrical installation in compliance with the Part P, 17th Edition, BS7671 and BS EN61557. The MI3125 Eurotest Combo has the unique ability of automatic loop evaluation which allows for automatic Pass/Fail evaluation of the loop resistance. This eliminates the need for carrying around and analyzing fuse characteristic tables.

Metrel MI3125 Combo Lite Features:

  • Suitable for single and three phase installation testing
  • Built-in loop impedance tables allow automatic loop evaluation
  • Wide range of insulation test voltages from 50V up to 1000V
  • Schematic help screens for on-site referencing and ease of use
  • Monitors all three voltages in real-time
  • Can be upgraded to keep inline with any changes to wiring regulations
  • Automatic polarity reversal on continuity test
  • Trip Lock to prevent RCDs/RCBOs from tripping
  • Automated RCD testing reduces circuit test time
  • Built-in charger with rechargeable batteries
  • Ideal for testing of TT and TN systems

The Metrel MI3125 Combo Lite Multifunction Tester is battery powered and has an in-built charging circuit. Weighing just 1kg, the Metrel Combo Lite has taken both speed of testing and portability into consideration. This ergonomically designed multifunction tester allows for easy operation either via use of the supplied neck strap, hand strap or built-in tilt stand. A magnetic holder on the back even helps to fix the MI3125 directly onto metal surfaces often found around a distribution board. The Metrel MI3125 Eurotest Combo Lite tester has an automatic Loop Test (Zs test) evaluation. So basically when you are carrying out a loop test, it will give you an instant indication of whether the test has passed or failed, without you having to refer to your wiring regulations. You can also upgrade the tester in the future, should there be any changes to the 18th edition wiring regulations.

A cost effective testing meter if you are looking for a Multifunction Tester that meets all current regulations and is capable of testing both single and three phase installations. The long term reliability of this multifunction tester is guaranteed by a 3 year warranty and the tester comes supplied with a manufacturer’s calibration certificate. This Metrel Multifunction Tester is also future proof and can be updated to comply with any future changes in regulations using the data lead for firmware upgrades on the Metrel MI3125.

What's In The Box?

  • Mains plug
  • 3 x 1.5m Test leads
  • 6 x NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • 12V battery charging adaptor with UK mains cable
  • 3 x Test probes
  • 3 x Crocodile clips
  • Hand strap
  • Instruction manual on CD
  • Calibration Certificate
  • 3 Year manufacturer's warranty

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  • 50 - 1000V DC
  • 0 - 999M


  • R low 200mA DC
  • 0-1999
  • Auto polarity swap


  • Line impedance
  • Loop Impedance (Ze & Zs)
  • High accuracy TRIP LOCK impedance
  • Built-in loop tables for auto Pass/Fail


  • Type A, AC
  • RCD trip time measurement
  • RCD ramp test
  • RCD auto
  • 10, 30, 100, 300, 500, 1000mA

Voltage Frequency

  • Real-time AC voltage measurement
  • Simultaneous voltage measurement over 3 phases
  • Frequency measurement

Phase Sequence

  • L1 - L2 - L3

Special Functions

  • Frequency span: 45 - 65Hz
  • TN & TT system mode
  • Dimensions: 230 x 140 x 80mm
  • Weight: 1kg

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