Metrel MI3125BT Eurotest Combo Multifunction Tester

  • Small and handheld with 6mA DC test for EVSE testing
  • Bluetooth enabled tester compatible with Metrel aMESM Android App and MESM PC software
  • Compatible with A1532 for a complete 18th Edition & EV test solution
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Metrel MI3125BT Eurotest Combo Multifunction Tester (EVSE Ready)

The Metrel MI 3125BT Eurotest Combo is a handheld multifunction tester ergonomically designed to speed up installation testing and making it easy and quick.

The Metrel MI3125 BT Eurotest Combo communicates using Bluetooth  with the Eurolink Android data management App. This update gives you the option to transfer test results remotely to any Bluetooth enabled device running EuroLinkPRO Plus PC software or communicate directly with the Eurolink App. 

The MI3125BT noticably also performs a 6mA DC RCD Test suitable for EV charge point testing. A feature often found in testers with a higher price tag.

The MI3125BT also stores and downloads test results. With is inbuilt memory the MI3125BT is able to download data into the supplied MESM PC Software via the supplied USB Lead MESM Software can also be upgrade to MESM PRO for full 18th Edition and EVSE Test Certificates. 

 The MI 3125BT performs a variety of electrical tests including: Continuity Testing, Insulation Testing, Automatic RCD testing (including 6mA for EVSE and B-type RCD's), RCD Ramp Testing with a no RCD trip feature, Earth Loop impedance testing and PSC (prospective shirt circuit current. Basically all the tests you need to fully ensure safety within electrical installations in both commercial and domestic environments. The EurotestCOMBO can even perform online voltage monitoring and phase sequence testing for 3 Phase installations. the MI3125BT also carries out 2 or 3 wire Earth Spike Testing using optional kits Metrel S2026 or S2027 Earth Spike Kits.

The MI3125BT has inbuilt Fuse Characteristics tables which allows for easier evaluation of the Loop Resistance in accordance with BSEN7671. Calculations and Tables are no longer necessary with this feature. Additional Help screens describing how to connect the instrument into the installation and how to perform the test is also inbuilt.

The ergonomic design of this instrument allows for easy operation either via use of the supplied neckstrap or handstrap. A built in magnetic helps by holding the MI3125BT directly onto metal surfaces often found around a distribution board. Two LED Indicators (green//red) are placed on both sides of the screen for clear visualisation of the Pass/Fail result, and the display is backlit for readings in dark conditions.

Below, we have included a comparison table outlining the key features of each Metrel multifunction tester model.

  MI3125BT MI3100S MI3100SE MI3102BT MI3152XC MI3155XD
Auto Test Line/Loop X X X X
Autosequence profile X X X X
Pass/Fail Indicators
Pass/Fail System Evaluation X
Automatic Test Sequences X X
Colour Display & Touch Screen X X X X
Download X
Voltage AC - Frequency & TRMS
Current AC - TRMS X X X X
3-Phase System (Phase Sequence)
Differential Leakage Current X X X Optional Optional
Ring Test 200 mA (UK Installations)
Max Test Current 200 mA 2-wire
Max Test Current 200 mA 4-wire X X X X X
Automatic Polary Reversal X X X
Insulation Resistance - test voltage 50 - 1000V
Insulation Resistance - test voltage 2500V X X X X X
RCD - 10mA - 1000mA
RCD - Type AC, A, F
RCD - Type B
RCD - Type B+
Current & Voltage Harmonics

Metrel aMESM Android App / Metrel MESM Software

aMESM Android App features:

  • Create the Reports already at the site of Testing.
  • Attach Photographs, Audio or Video Files and Comments.
  • Share the Reports or Send them to your clients.
  • Create Structure of Electrical Installation at the site. 
  • Upload Structure of Electrical Installation to your test instrument, and download data to EuroLink Android Application.
  • Add Video or Audio Files, Photographs, Edit Comments to Installation Structure at the site of testing.

MESM PC Software features:

  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows
  • Create 18th Edition and EV Test Certificate using optional MESM PRO (please select before adding to basket)
  • Uniform interface regardless of tester
  • Logical database feature
  • Automatic report generation
  • Multilingual software
  • Create customised automatic test sequences
  • Tailor specific measurements
  • Export test results as .csv or .xml files

What's In The Box?

  • Metrel MI3125BT Eurotest Combo Multifunction Tester
  • Soft Hand Strap
  • Small soft carrying bag
  • Test lead, 3 x 1.5m
  • Mains Plug Lead
  • A1401 Tip Commander 1.5m
  • Test Probe 3 pieces (blue, brown and green)
  • Crocodile Clip 3 pieces (blue, brown and green)
  • Power supply adapter + 6 rechargeable NiMH, type AA
  • USB cable
  • Meter ES Manager Basic license
  • Meter aMESM Pro Android app
  • Short instruction manual
  • Calibration certificate
  • Continuity Test R1 & R2 low 200mA
  • Automatic R1+R2 Testing using the EasiSwitch Adaptor
  • Insulation tests @ 100v, 250v, 500v, and 1000v
  • Insulation range up to1000MΩ
  • Complete RCD Auto Test - "All 6 tests in 1 visit"
  • RCD Ramp Test - indicates actual trip current
  • RCD Triplock - Guaranteed not to trip RCD's
  • Loop, ZE,ZS,110V,230V and 415V
  • PSC (Measure the potential fault current between phase/neutral and earth/neutral conductors), LE and LN
  • 2 or 3 wire Earth Spike Testing
  • Multi Voltage System Support
  • Multi Voltage Monitor "online" single/3 phase Real-Time AC Measurement
  • Phase rotation
  • Polarity Test
  • Frequency Test
  • Downloadable (stores up to 1700 results)
  • In-built battery charger
  • PASS/FAIL Indications LED's
  • Magnetic Holder for Hands Free operation
  • Bluetooth communication with PC, Android tablets and smart phones via built-in BT.
  • EuroLink Android APP, data management tool (optional accessory).
Kit Option
Metrel EVSE Test Standard Kit
In Stock - Available Next Day

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