Metrel MI3100SE Eurotest Easi Multifunction Tester

  • Ability to store and download test information via USB with the Eurolink Pro software
  • Optional Auto Test Sequencing
  • Wide ranging Insulation resistance tests from 50V to 1000V
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Metrel MI3100 SE Eurotest Easi Multifunction Tester

The MI 3100 SE is resourceful multifunction tester from Metrel that is designed to fully test and certify fixed electrical installations. The instrument meets BS EN61557 and BSEN61557 safety requirement and the latest Part P regulations.

 Metrel MI3100 SE Eurotest Easi Main Features

  • Complies with the current Part P Regulations
  • Metrel Eurolink PRO PC Software included
  • Wide Insulation Resistance Test @ 50V – 1000V
  • Predefined Mini Auto sequences
  • Built in Fuse Characteristics
  • TN/TT/IT Systems Multi support
  • Schematic Help Screen
  • Earth Resistance Test  (Earth Spike kit sold Separately)
  • Auto polarity reversal on continuity test
  • Download Compatibility either via USB or Bluetooth (Metrel Bluetooth Dongle required)
  • Monitors all 3 voltages in real time
  • Internal Battery Charger with rechargeable batteries included
  • Automatic RCD testing Procedure

The device offers superior build quality with durable rubber grips and useful soft case for carrying all your accessories. With clear navigation, backlit display and defined rotary switch the instrument is suitable for either a person new to Metrel or a long standing Metrel user. At 1.3kg the tester is lightweight and the inbuilt battery charger is a good consideration for those looking to save space and time.

The MI3100 SE Part P Tester offers the most common tests an electrician will be familiar with together with several additions which make the surveying process much more manageable.

The first notable feature the MI3100 SE’s offers is an improved Insulation Resistance range, allowing a user to test from 50V to 1000V. The 50V insulation test is perfect for voltage sensitive equipment such as telecoms or smaller electronic equipment.

Another notable feature which should assist contractors is the option to programme the tester with a specific set of test sequences. Avoid navigating the same test sequences over and over again saving time on complex installs.

The third major noteworthy feature is the MI3100 SE’s ability to store and download test information. Results from tested fixed installations can be reviewed onscreen at the touch of a button or downloaded via USB connection to the Metrel Eurolink PRO PC Software included.

The Metrel Eurolink Pro PC Software works in perfect partnership with the MI3100 SE offering a wide variety of reporting options, automated instrument recognitions, printable structures and export options to MS Excel, Word and PDF. Peace of mind for any electrician with demanding clients.

To improve compatibility the Eurotest Easi has built-in Bluetooth connectivity. This has opened the tester up to a more contempory market. Data can now be transferred between any device with Bluetooth such as a pc or Android smart device (Metrel Bluetooth Dongle and Eurolink Data management APP Required)

For Metrel’s non downloading Multifunction tester offering 50V Insulation Resistance please see the Metrel MI3100 S Eurotest Easi.

The versatility of the instrument continues when you look some of the more common tests included. An automatic loop evaluation to quickly see Pass/Fail Loop resistance when compared to regulations releases the stress out of having to carry and analyze fuse characteristic tables. Much like the MI3100 S the Schematic help screen will also guide an engineer on how to carry out a test. The RCD Triplock function will avert any RCDs tripping and the RCD ramp test will indicate real trip times. Additional tests such as Continuity, insulation, Earth Loop impedance and PSC make the MI3100 SE a remarkable tester.

The Metrel MI3100 SE Eurotest Easi Multifunction Tester will suit a range of domestic or commercial electricians looking to perform more rigorous test procedures with the added ability to create dynamic reports quickly and effectively.

Below, we have included a comprehensive comparison chart outlining the key differences between the various Metrel multifunction tester models.

  MI3125BT MI3100S MI3100SE MI3102BT MI3152XC MI3155XD
Auto Test Line/Loop X X X X
Autosequence profile X X X X
Pass/Fail Indicators
Pass/Fail System Evaluation X
Automatic Test Sequences X X
Colour Display & Touch Screen X X X X
Download X
Voltage AC - Frequency & TRMS
Current AC - TRMS X X X X
3-Phase System (Phase Sequence)
Differential Leakage Current X X X Optional Optional
Ring Test 200 mA (UK Installations)
Max Test Current 200 mA 2-wire
Max Test Current 200 mA 4-wire X X X X X
Automatic Polary Reversal X X X
Insulation Resistance - test voltage 50 - 1000V
Insulation Resistance - test voltage 2500V X X X X X
RCD - 10mA - 1000mA
RCD - Type AC, A, F
RCD - Type B
RCD - Type B+
Current & Voltage Harmonics

What's In The Box?

  • Metrel MI3100 SE Eurotest Easi Multifunction Tester
  • 1.5m Schuko-plug test cable
  • 3 wire test lead 3 x 1.5m
  • 3 x test probe (blue, black, green)
  • 3 x Crocodile Clip (blue, black, green)
  • Power supply adaptor
  • RS232 PS/2 Cable
  • USB Download Cable
  • Metrel MESM PC Software
  • 6 AA rechargeable batteries
  • Metrel Soft Carry Case with Neck Belt
  • Quickstart Instruction Manual
  • Full Manual  (Hardcopy/CD)
  • Manufacturers Calibration Certificate

Metrel MI3100 SE Multifunction Tester Detailed Specification.

  • Continuity of PE conductors with 200 mA test current with polarity change;
  • Continuity of PE conductors with 7 mA test current without RCD tripping;
  • Insulation resistance @ 50v, 100v, 250v, 500v, and 1000v
  • Insulation range up to 1000MΩ
  • RCD Auto test featuring - "All 6 tests in 1 visit"
  • RCD Ramp Test - indicates actual trip current
  • RCD Triplock - RCD are guaranteed not to trip
  • Loop test @ 230V,110V,415V including ZS,ZE
  • PSC (Measure the potential fault current between phase/neutral and earth/neutral conductors), LE and LN
  • Support system for multiple voltages
  • Monitor 3 Phase/single voltage
  • Line impedance
  • Loop impedance
  • Loop impedance with Trip Lock RCD function
  • TRMS voltage and frequency
  • Phase sequence
  • RCD testing (general and selective, type AC, A, F)
  • Earth resistance (3-wire method)
  • Polarity Test
  • Phase rotation test
  • Frequency Test
  • Dimensions (w x h x l): 230 x 103 x 115 mm
  • Mass (without accessories): 1.3 kg

For full specification please see the MI3100SE Data Sheet

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