Testo 310 Domestic Flue Gas Analyser

  • Great quality FGA with draught, ambient CO and pressure measurements
  • Fixed probe and quick start up time for efficient and easy use
  • Complies with BS7967 and EN50379. Ideal for commissioning new boilers
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Product Details

Testo 310 Domestic Flue Gas Analyser

The Testo 310 is an entry level Flue Gas Analyser designed specifically to meet the needs of the domestic service engineer. Combining simple functions with a high level of accuracy, the Testo 310 is ideal for performing all the basic measurements on heating and boiler systems. It has retest menus for flue gas,ambient CO, draught and differential pressure. This FGA meets the requirements of BS7967 and EN50379. Its ideal for commisioning new boilers to Gas Safe TB143.

Testo 310 Flue Gas Analyser Features

  • Integrated, kink resistant hose to eliminate leak
  • Auto-zeroing of gas sensor in only 30 seconds after switching on
  • Up to 10 hours running time, with charging via USB
  • Integrated magnets on rear for easily fixing the unit to boilers
  • Condensate trap can be quickly and simply emptied
  • Two line display and clear menu structure on backlit screen
  • Compatible with optional wireless printer for professional onsite reports
  • 2 year instrument and sensor warranty

Setting a new standard in reliable combustion tuning, the Testo 310 flue analyser offers quick and simple operation with intuitive navigation of testing functions and direct selection of desired measurements. The backlit display clearly shows readings, menus and descriptions of the stored fuel types to show a complete picture of the combustion process.

The gas sensors of the Testo 310 measure the exact oxygen and carbon monoxide content as well as the flue gas and ambient temperature. From these readings, parameters including CO2 value, boiler efficiency and flue gas loss can all be calculated.

The Testo 310 Domestic Flue Gas Analyser is ideal for the installation of new boilers, gas water heaters, low temperature boilers and condensing boilers as well as performing safety checks and fine tuning existing combustion systems in domestic environments.

Testo Part Number: 0563 3100

What's In The Box?
  • Testo 310 Flue Gas Analyser
  • Probe with 180mm Cone
  • Silicon Hose
  • 10 x Particle Filters
  • Hard Transport Case
More Information
Parameter Range Accuracy Resolution
O2 0.0 to 21.0 vol% ±0.2 vol% 0.1 vol%

0 to 4000ppm

±20ppm (0 to 400)
±1.5% (401 to 2000)
±10% (2001 to 4000)
Temperature (Flue Gas)

0.0 to 400.0°C

±1°C (0.0 to 100.0°C)
±1.5°C (> 100.0°C)
Ambient Temperature -20 to +100.0°C ±1°C 0.1°C

-20.00 to +20.00hPa
±0.03hPa (< 500)
±0.03% of m.v. (> 500)
Pressure -40.00 to 40.0hPa ±0.5hPa 0.1hPa
Ambient CO 0 to 4000ppm    
Determination of Effectivity (Eta) 0 to 120%   0.1%
Exhaust Gas Loss 0 to 99.9%   0.1%

► Power Supply: Rechargeable Batteries (1500mAh)
 Dimensions: 201 x 83 x 44mm
 Weight: 700g

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