Testo 570s Smart Digital Manifold

  • Digital 4-way manifold with datalogging function
  • Long-term measurement capabilities using the Testo Smart App
  • 360 hour battery life
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Testo 570s Smart Digital Manifold

The Testo 570s Smart Digital Manifold is Bluetooth enabled providing users with a four way valve block providing an optimal solution for long term measurements on refrigeration and air conditioning systems as well as heat pumps. The Testo 570s is also suitable for use with A3 and A2L refrigerants. All measurement data can be viewed at a glance and a graphically thanks to the large display.

The Testo 570s allows users to measure temperature from -50ºC to 150ºC (accuracy of ±0.5 °C) and measure pressure from -1 to 60 bar ,with a high level of accuracy of 0.25% fs, providing users with a reliable tester for short and long term data measurements.

The Testo 570s provides up to 360 hours of run time with rechargeable batteries (USB-C) with a large data memory for measurements. The battery life is further preserved by the auto off function after ten minutes of inactivity.

The Testo 570s is IP54 rated providing protection from dust and water ingress in challenging environments.

Testo Smart App

The Testo 570s is compatible with the Testo Smart App which allows the operator to view anomalies to be detected quickly and reliably. Documentation and transfer of data is quick and easy. Users are able conduct remote operation or use the second a smart device as a second screen. Users van digitally create reports complete with photos as PDF/CSV files on site and forward them via email straight away to customers or colleagues.

Testo 570s Digital Manifold Kits

The Testo 570s Digital Manifold is available as a standalone product or as part of a kit. Kit contents are listed below:

  Testo 570s Testo 570s Vacuum Kit Testo 570s Vacuum Kit with hoses Testo 570s Vacuum Kit with clamp meter
Testo 570s Smart Digital Manifold
Testo 115i wireless clamp temperature probe x2  
Testo 1552i Vacuum Probe  
Hose Filling Set (4 Hoses)      
Testo 770-3 TRMS Clamp Meter      
Calibration Protocol for Testo 570s
Instrument Case  

Key Features

  • Digital manifold with a four-way valve lock
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Large data memory
  • Conduct long term measurements for refrigeration , air conditioning systems and heat pumps
  • Optional temperature, vacuum and current probes can be automatically connected with Bluetooth
  • Highly accurate 0.25% fs
  • Measurements displayed on the large screen
  • Compatible with the Testo Smart App
  • Large 360 hour battery life
  • Auto off function
  • IP54 protection rating
  • Suitable for use with A2L and A3 refrigerants
  • Reliable tester for short and long term data measurements.

What's In The Box?

  • Testo 570s Digital Smart manifold
  • Calibration protocol

General Technical Data

  • Operating Temperature: -20ºC to 50ºC
  • Storage Temperature: -20ºC to 60ºC
  • Battery Type: Built-in rechargeable battery: Li battery 18650 replaceable battery: 3 alkaline batteries AA
  • Battery life:
    With built-in rechargeable battery: ≥220 h without Bluetooth®, without illumination,
    ≥120 h with Bluetooth® and illumination, With 3 AA batteries:
    ≥145 h without Bluetooth®, without illumination ≥75 h with Bluetooth® and illumination
  • Auto Power Off: After 10 minutes when not connected via Bluetooth®
  • Dimensions: 229 x 112.5 x 71mm
  • Weight: 1.3KG
  • Protection Class: IP54
  • Bluetooth® technology/range: Bluetooth® 5.0/ 150m
  • Compatibility:
    Requires iOS 11.0 or newer/ Android 6.0 or newer
    Requires mobile terminal device with Bluetooth® 4.0

Sensor Types

  • Pressure Measuring Range: -1 to 60 Bar
  • Temperature Measuring Range: -50ºC to 150ºC
  • Pressure accuracy at 22ºC: ±0.25% fs
  • Temperature accuarcy at 22ºC: ±0.5°C
  • Pressure Resolution: 0.01 bar
  • Temperature Resolution: 0.1ºC
  • Pressure Probe Connections: 3 x 7/16" – UNF, + 1 x 5/8" – UNF
  • Temperature Probe Connections: 2 x plug-in (NTC)
  • Pressure Overload: 65 bar
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