TMPV4 - Solar PV Testing & Tool Kit

  • Complete with meters and tester for commissioning Solar PV installations
  • Includes MC4 test leads and MC4 crimping tool and spanners
  • Includes carry bag for easy transportation
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Solar PV Installation Testing & Tools Kit - TMPV4

The TMPV4 Solar PV Tool Kit is a professional standard Solar PV installation and testing kit ideal for commissioning new solar PV installations. Using the instruments within the kit you can measure your irradiance, perform insulation and continuity testing as well as measure open circuit voltage (Voc) and short circuit current (Isc). In addition, the TMPV4 is also supplied with a crimping tool for MC4 connectors and MC4 spanners to tighten the connectors easily. 

TMPV4 Solar Installation Kit Components and Features:

  • Test Meter PRO (TMP206) Solar Irradiance Meter is essential for determining the optimal position for setting up solar PV panels
  • Test Meter PRO (TMP837) True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter for measuring open circuit voltage (Voc) and short circuit current (Isc)
  • Professional MC4 Crimping tool for the correct fitting of both male and female MC4 connectors commonly found in Solar systems
  • MC4 Solar Spanners for tightening the MC4 connectors and speeding up the installation process
  • Perform electrical insulation and continuity testing using the Test Meter PRO (TMP600) insulation tester/multimeter
  • MC4 Test Lead Set Leads allow for the safe connection of a multimeter or voltage detector to a PV system

Below, you will find a helpful comparison table outlining the contents of each available TMPV kit.

Model TMPV1 Solar Testing Kit TMPV2 Solar Testing and Tools Kit TMPV3 Solar Testing Kit TMPV4 Solar Testing and Tools Kit
TMP206 Solar Irradiance Meter
TMP837 AC/DC Clamp Meter
Test Meter Carry Bag
MC4 Test Leads
MC4 Crimping Tool    
MC4 Solar Spanner Set    
TMP600 Insulation Tester    


What's In The Box?

  • Test Meter PRO TMP206 Solar Irradiance Meter
  • Test Meter PRO TMP837 True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter
  • MC4 Solar Crimping Tool
  • MC4 Solar Spanners (Pair)
  • MC4 Test Leads
  • Custom Test Meter Protective Carry Case
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Test Meter PRO TMP600 Electrical Insulation Tester / DMM Multimeter