Chauvin Arnoux CA8336 Qualistar+ Power Quality Analyser w/ 4 x FREE CLAMPS and Software

  • Provides comprehensive snapshot of power quality and energy consumption
  • Measures voltage, frequency, power, energy, harmonics, transients and more
  • Handheld design with 5 voltage & 4 current channels, large TFT screen & built-in memory
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Chauvin Arnoux A193-450 Clamps and DataView Software Bundle (FREE GIFT)

Bundle includes:

  • Chauvin Arnoux A193-450 (⌀450mm) 10kA Current Clamps 
  • Chauvin Arnoux Dataview Reporting Software

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Get FREE Chauvin Arnoux Dataview Reporting Software (worth £380) and 4 x A193-450 Flexi Clamps (worth £620) with the CA8336 Power Quality Analyser. This offer is for a limited period of time and strictly subject to availability

Chauvin Arnoux CA8336 Qualistar+ Power Quality Analyser

Perfect for extended power quality analysis or swift one-off measurements, the Chauvin Arnoux CA8336 Qualistar+ Power Analyser offers a simple and effective method of gauging a system’s power quality and overall energy usage.

This portable device is handheld, compliant with CAT III 1000V & CAT IV 600V and is suitable to leave for analysis over a longer time period. The CA8336 can be used to easily conduct corrective or preventative work, improving overall power quality and energy efficiency to save you money.

The CA8336 is feature-packed, allowing easy analysis of all electrical and associated power factors. It boasts 5 voltage & 4 current channels, a large full-colour TFT screen and PC connectivity, whilst offering peak detection and capturing parameters, transients, alarms and waveforms simultaneously, making it ideal for your power analysis needs.

The CA8336 Qualistar+ Power Analyser is compatible with a range of Chauvin Arnoux clamps, with the manufacturer recommending their MN93, MN93A, MA193, PAC93, A193-450, A193-800, C193 and E3N current clamps to carry out current measurements.

Model Measurement Range Clamping Ø / Length IEC 61010
MN93 500mA to 200A AC 20mm 600V CAT III / 300V CAT IV
MN 93A 0.005A to 100A AC 20mm 600V CAT III / 300V CAT IV
MA193 100mA to 10kA AC Ø 70 mm / 220 mm 1,000V CAT III / 600V CAT IV
PAC93 1A to 1,000A AC, 1A to 1,300A DC 1 x Ø 39mm, 2 x Ø 25mm 600V CAT III / 300V CAT IV
A193-450 & A196-450* 100mA to 10kA ac Ø 140mm / 450mm 1,000V CAT III / 600V CAT IV
A193-800 100mA to 10kA AC Ø 250mm / 800mm 1,000V CAT III / 600V CAT IV
C193 1A to 1,000A AC 52mm 600V CAT IV
E3N 50mA to 10A AC/DC, 100mA to 100A AC/DC 11.8mm 600V CAT III / 300V CAT IV

*A196-450 is IP67-rated version of A193-450 clamps, suitable for use with the CA8435.


Chauvin Arnoux CA8336 Key Features

  • Handheld & simple to use
  • Gain a snapshot and full analysis of electrical systems
  • Easy access to functions and measurement tools
  • Voltage and current inputs equipped with coloured identification rings
  • Large colour TFT screen
  • Battery life of approx. 13 hours
  • CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V
  • Measures voltage, frequency, power, energy, harmonics, transients, flicker, inrush & more
  • 10000 alarms
  • Peak detection
  • PC connectivity
  • True InRush function
What's In The Box?
  • Chauvin Arnoux CA8336 Qualistar+ Power Quality Analyser
  • 5 x 4mm Banana Leads (3m Length)
  • 5 x Crocodile Clips
  • Set of 12x Colour Inserts
  • Scratch-Proof Screen Protection Film
  • USB Cable
  • Mains Power Cable
  • Mains Power Pack
  • Safety Datasheet
  • Multi-Language Operating Manual CD
  • PC Data Retrieval Software CD (Power Analyser Transfer)
More Information
Model:  CA 8331   C.A 8333   C.A 8336   C.A 8435 
Number of Channels 3U/ 4I 4U/4I
Number of Inputs 4V/3I 5V/4I
Voltage (TRMS AC + DC) 2V to 1000V
Voltage Ratio up to 500kV
Current (TRMS AC+DC)
 (Range dependant on clamp used - 
sold separately) 
MN93 Clamps  MN93: 500mA to 200A AC; MN93A: 0.005A AC to 100A AC 
C193 Clamp 1A to 1000A AC
AmpFLEX or MA193 Clamps 100mA to 10000A AC 30A to 6500A AC
PAC93 1A to 1300A AC/DC
E3N 50mA to 100A AC/DC
Current Ratio Up to 60kA
Frequency 40Hz to 69Hz
Power Values W, VA, var, VAD, PF, DPF, cos φ, tan φ
Energy Values Wh, varh, VAh, VADh
Harmonics Yes
THD Yes, orders 0 to 50, phase
Expert Mode - Yes
Transients - 50 210
Flicker (Pst & Plt) Yes
Inrush Mode -  Yes on 4 periods  Yes > 10 minutes
Unbalance Yes
Recording MIN/MAX Yes
 of a selection of parameters at the max sampling rate   4 hours to 2 weeks   Few days to several weeks  2 weeks to several years
Alarms - 4000 of 10 different types 10000 of 40 different types
Peak Yes
Vectorial Representation Automatic
Display Colour 1/4 VGA TFT screen, 320 x 240, diagonal 148mm
Capture of Screens and Curves 12 50
Electrical Safety IEC 61010 1000V, CAT III / 600V CAT IV
Protection IP53 / IK08 IP67
Languages More than 27
Communication Interface USB
Battery Life Up to 13 Hours
Power Supply 9.6V NiMH rechargeable battery or external mains charger
Dimensions 240 x 180 x 55mm  270 x 250 x 180mm 
Weight 1.9kg 3.7kg
Icon Label Type Size Download
pdf Chauvin Arnoux Qualistar Spec pdf 4.1 MB Download
pdf Chauvin Arnoux Power Energy Loggers pdf 339.5 KB Download