Kane 958 Link Flue Gas Analyser CPA1 Kit 2

  • A well-designed and industry-leading Flue Gas Analyser that can be used in a wide range of environments
  • The CPA1 Kit 2 comes with ASP3 Testing Probes, 2 x WPCP Wireless Clamp-on Pipe Probes, and a 20106 Backpack
  • Additional sensors can be added to expand the capabilities of the Kane 958 Flue Gas Analyser
  • Qualifies for KANE CARE after sales support
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Kane 958 Link Flue Gas Analyser CPA1 Kit 2

The Kane 958 Link Flue Gas Analyser is a top-tier instrument renowned for its precision in measurements. Featuring dedicated CO and CO2 sensor protection, the 958 seamlessly integrates cutting-edge, upgradable sensor technology into a user-friendly tool designed for use in a range of environments. Its versatility extends to applications in domestic, commercial, and industrial boilers up to 5MW. Users can confidently apply the analyser for tasks ranging from combustion performance and efficiency checks to CO safety assessments and flue draught measurements. The Flue Gas Analyser conducts the following measurements to guarantee precise results:

  • O2 0-21% ppm
  • CO 0-10,000ppm H2 compensated
  • Differential temperature
  • High accuracy differential pressure meter +/-160mbar
  • NO 0-5,000ppm (option)
  • NO2 0-1,000ppm (option)
  • High Range CO 0-10% (option)
  • SO2 0-5,000ppm (option)

Additionally, users have the option to enhance the capabilities of the Kane 958 by selecting and purchasing additional sensors. The instrument's versatility is shown by its capability to conduct tests on various fuel types, including natural gas, butane, biogas, wood pellets, LPG, light oil, heavy oil, coke, propane, and coal. This flexibility ensures that the 958 is well-equipped to handle a broad spectrum of testing scenarios and fuel variations.

The Kane 958 with CPA1 Kit 2

The Kane 958 is available to purchase on its own, or as part of multiple kits that specifically suit the needs of users. The CPA1 Kit 2 includes 2 Wireless clamp-on Pipe Probes, a 20106 Backpack, as well as ASP3 cooker, fire & grill appliance testing probes. The kit has been expertly designed to aid in testing.

Kane Link

Kane Link is an exciting and unique software which allows the transfer and saving of readings from your analyser, via wireless Kane Link probes. This allows the user to performs tasks simultaneously, such as testing boilers & bathroom water temperatures and testing heat pumps & underfloor heating.

Any compatible Kane product can be wirelessly connected to other Kane Link-enabled products, leaving the user free to collate their results on the same device.

Kane Live & Printer Apps

The Kane Live App is compatible with Android Devices, and is free to download from the Play Store. The app is highly-beneficial for anyone who has a Flue Gas Analyser, as it allows the user to view their test results as they are recorded, and allows them to be tagged with real time GPS data.

The Kane Printer App is compatible with both Android and iOS, and is free to download from both the Play & App Store. Users can quickly connect to their analyser and view results, and then email them to whoever requires them. Each test location can be logged through GPS, with customisable notes able to be placed over images.

Kane Care

This product qualifies for Kane Care after sales support, guaranteeing you a 10 year 'No Quibble' warranty for your annual service, same day service & recertification and free tracked, next day delivery to Kane with returns. For more information please visit Kane.co.uk.

Key Features

  • Comes with 2 x WPCP Wireless clamp-on Pipe Probes and a 20106 Backpack
  • Also supplied with ASP3 cooker, fire & grill appliance testing probes
  • CO sensor purge pump protection
  • Incorporated wireless connection
  • Fully upgraded sensor
  • Kane Link enabled
  • Perform CO safety checks in or around rooms & appliances
  • Suitable for industrial and marine boilers/engines
  • Ideal for Commission testing
  • Capable of Combustion performance checks
  • Capable of Combustion efficiency checks
  • Hydrogen (H2) ready up to 20% blend
  • Suitable for Flue Draughts
  • Calculates CO/CO2 ratio, C02, excess air & NOx with optional sensor
  • Measures CO in a range of 0 to 21%
  • 02 measurements in a range of 0 to 21%
  • Measures high accuracy differential pressure meter +/- 160mbar
  • Measures differential temperature
  • Optional sensors measure: NO 0-5000ppm/ NO2 0-1000ppm/ High Range C0 0-10%/ S02 0-5000ppm
  • Suitable for several fuel types including natural gas, propane & wood pellets
  • Features tactile rotary dial
  • Large 6 line display
  • Includes Data hold & log functions
  • Print user details with optional printer
  • Compatible with Kane apps
  • Kane 10 Year Warranty

What's In The Box?

  • Kane 958 Flue Gas Analyser
  • CP2T Combustion Probe
  • USB Charger
  • 2 x WPCP Wireless Clamp-On Pipe Probes
  • 20106 Backpack
  • ASP3 Cooker, Fire & Grill Appliance Testing Probes


  • 02 0-21% ppm
  • CO 0-10,000ppm H2compensated
  • Differential Temperature
  • High accuracy differential pressure meter +/- 160mbar
  • NO 0-5,000ppm (option)
  • NO2 0-1,000ppm (option)
  • High Range CO 0-10% (option)
  • SO2 0-5,000ppm (option)