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Voltage Tester & Proving Unit Kits

Voltage Tester & Proving Unit Kits

Designed to ensure safety when working on electrical circuits, these kits combine voltage detectors and proving units while others also include a range of universal lockout devices and tags for maximum protection from electric shocks.
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About Voltage Tester & Proving Unit Kits

We stock a wide range of two-pole voltage detectors that can detect AC/DC voltage in circuits before electricians start work on an installation. Most have an LED bar-graph style nominal voltage indication in addition to an audible indication of voltage presence. Some also have LCD screens which give an exact reading of the voltage level present.

In order to perform a safe isolation procedure, it is important to check the performance of the voltage tester before and after every use by using a known voltage source. Proving units provide this known voltage source and all the user needs to do to check the testers performance is bring the poles into contact with the supply terminals to simulate a test.