Voltage Testers

Voltage Testers

Our range of voltage testers are designed to measure AC/DC voltages and continuity. Most models provide LED indication, an audible tone or a combination of both while others have a digital display to give an exact reading. For an indication of the presence of voltage why not look into our range of non-contact volt sticks and voltage probes.
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  1. Chauvin Arnoux
  2. Di-Log
  3. Drummond
  4. Extech Instruments
  5. FLIR
  6. Fluke
  7. HandyMAN
  8. Kewtech
  9. Martindale
  10. Megger
  11. Metrel
  12. Seaward
  13. Socket and See
  14. Test-Meter
  15. Testo
Voltage Displayed By
  1. Display Non-Contact Detectors Only
  2. LED Indicators
  3. Digital LCD Display
  4. Test Lamp
  1. Continuity Test
  2. Phase Rotation Indicator
  3. LED Flash Light Inbuilt
  1. True RMS
  2. Data Hold
Jaw / Conductor Size
  1. ≥20mm
Max AC/DC Voltage
  1. 600V
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3

About Voltage Testers

Voltage testers are important instruments for users as they allow proper execution of a safe isolation procedure which helps safeguard the user from electric shock and burns from live conductors. We stock a range of testers from the likes of Metrel, Dilog, Megger, Martindale and more.

Our voltage testers can roughly be divided into two categories: contact and non-contact. Our non-contact detectors provide an additional layer of safety as they require no actual contact with potentially live conductors and tend to detect voltage over a much greater range. However, many are designed for AC voltage only so are unsuitable for certain installations. In general, they are pen-style instrument and have an LED tip which glows red to indicate voltage presence alongside a buzzer for audible indication. Many also feature an integrated torch for use in poor lighting conditions.

In addition to non-contact voltage detectors, we also stock two-pole and single-pole contact voltage detectors. These testers can often provide either nominal or actual AC/DC voltage readings via an LED bar graph or an LCD screen. They work by bringing the pole tips into contact with conductors and will then indicate voltage presence and/or level. Many have additional features such as single pole phase testing, continuity testing, and phase rotation testing.