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PAT Testers

PAT Testers

We supply PAT testers from all the top manufacturers including Seaward, Kewtech, Megger, Martindale and Metrel. We offer low cost manual testers that are perfect for beginners and those with a small number of appliances to test, while our range of dual voltage and downloadable models are ideal for professional PAT testing organisations and individuals.
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About PAT Testers

We stock a wide range of PAT testers from leading manufacturers including Megger, Seaward, Kewtech and Metrel. With a range that goes all the way from a SimplePAT PAC Checker to a highly advanced Seaward Apollo 600, we have the tester to meet your needs whether you are a responsible person within a business or a full-time PAT testing professional.

PAT testing is required to make sure that electrical appliances are safe to use. PAT tests usually consist of an earth bond test and an insulation resistance test plus earth leakage measurement for Class 1 appliances whilst Class 2 double-insulated appliances simply require an insulation resistance test and touch leakage measurement. All of our PAT testers perform these functions.

In order to measure certain things such as long extension leads, the user will need a PAT tester as opposed to a PAC checker. This is because the higher resistance of the lead will result in a fail indication from the tester. In many cases, the resistance is actually at an acceptable level and must be calculated so a PAC checker - which only gives a PASS/FAIL indication - cannot be used.

More advanced models in our range have sophisticated features such as 110V/230V load and run testing, flash testing and high current earth bond testing. Several also have downloadable internal memories that can be used to store thousands of results in an onboard database.