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Multifunction Testers

Multifunction Testers

Designed to make electrical installation testing safer and more efficient, our range of multifunction testers perform all tests required by UK BS7671 wiring regulations. We stock MFTs from Megger, Metrel, Kewtech, Martindale and Dilog with features ranging from auto RCD testing and non-trip loop testing to results storage and download.
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  1. Amprobe
  2. Di-Log
  3. Fluke
  4. Kewtech
  5. Martindale
  6. Megger
  7. Metrel
  1. Downloadable
  2. Automatic RCD Testing
  3. Phase Rotation Testing
  4. Earth Spike Resistivity Testing
  5. RCD Ramp Testing
  6. RCD Type B Testing
  7. No-Trip Loop Test
  8. Automatic Loop Test Evaluation
  9. 2 Wire No-Trip Loop Testing
  10. Software Included
  11. Calibration Certificate Included
  12. Remote Test Probe Included
  13. Earth Spike Set Included
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About Multifunction Testers

Multifunction testers are designed to provide the user with all of the necessary tests in order to test domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installations to the criteria specified in BS7671:2008.

Commonly acknowledged as MFT’s or installation testers, one of the many advantages of owning a multifunction tester is that you will no longer have to transport and change between using separate instruments in order to test electrical installations. One single multifunction tester can cater for all of the individual tests required by the BS7671 Wiring Regulations laid out below:

  • Continuity
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Earth Resistance testing for ascertaining RA values where applicable
  • Loop Impedance
  • Line Impedance
  • Prospective Fault Current and Prospective Short Circuit PFC/PSC
  • RCD trip time and trip current
  • Voltage and Phase Rotation

It is important to note that not all models offer every single test detailed above. Testing requirements vary depending on the installation and its environment so not all tests are always necessary.

With many different models of MFT available on the market, we appreciate that it can quickly become a confusing task narrowing down your choice to a single product.

We want to make shopping online for a multifunction tester an easy experience. Simply select the features that you need a multifunction tester to offer on the left hand side of this web page, and watch our website display the most applicable models for your application.